Cleaning a Hardwood Floor

Cleaning a Hardwood Floor

We recommend Bona (available from Lowes or Home Depot) or Squeaky cleaner.floor_cleaner_bona_squeaky

Spray the cleaner on a dish towel or small bath towel to dampen, and then use a Swiffer Sweeper mop to push that around. Even better, use a “sure mop”. It has a 360 degree swivel head and works well under furniture.

You can get a 1 gallon of Bona concentrate or Squeaky concentrate and use it to refill a the spray bottle. Use 2-3 oz. of concentrate per 32oz. bottle with the rest being water.

This should keep your floors sparkling clean.

You may also use straight water, but it may dull a floor in time. Never, never, never use Murphy’s oil soap or a steam mop on a hardwood floor.

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