Customers Recommend Us

We get great recommendations and comments all the time. That’s why nearly all of our business comes from direct referrals. Here’s a recent one:

Dan just put in our new wood floors and we are ecstatic about them! He does such fine work. He also left everything so clean, including not just the floors themselves, and we deeply appreciate this.

Cleaning a Hardwood Floor

Cleaning a Hardwood Floor

We recommend Bona (available from Lowes or Home Depot) or Squeaky cleaner.floor_cleaner_bona_squeaky

Spray the cleaner on a dish towel or small bath towel to dampen, and then use a Swiffer Sweeper mop to push that around. Even better, use a “sure mop”. It has a 360 degree swivel head and works well under furniture.

You can get a 1 gallon of Bona concentrate or Squeaky concentrate and use it to refill a the spray bottle. Use 2-3 oz. of concentrate per 32oz. bottle with the rest being water.

This should keep your floors sparkling clean.

You may also use straight water, but it may dull a floor in time. Never, never, never use Murphy’s oil soap or a steam mop on a hardwood floor.

Flooring Job from Start to Finish

This is a job we completed for a living room and kitchen using Red Maple that matched the existing wood trim in the home. It included wood air vent inlays and required adding a subfloor.