Customer services provided by Peters’ Hardwood Floors

  • We ship and deliver directly to your home or business.
  • We provide moisture and humidity checks of home and sub floors.
  • We provide custom samples of finish and hardwood flooring so that you can see it under your lighting conditions.

After approval of the samples we will:

  1. Lay or install floor.
  2. Rough sand.
  3. Custom color match hand troweled wood filler.
  4. Sanding again.
  5. Finish sand.
  6. Stain and seal coat (natural).
  7. Finish coats.
  8. Final clean up.

When we complete the project you receive a beautiful and high quality hardwood floor. Simply stated, our craftsmanship will floor you. We also provide full hardwood floor sanding, repair, and refinishing of existing floors.

Peters’ Hardwood Floors works hard to earn our clients trust.   We like to assure our clients that we will protect your privacy and your property. Over the past three decades, we have worked with local celebrities and high-profile clients. We also know that any time a contractor is in your home, you need to be confident in their character as well as abilities.   We want to establish a working relationship with our clients so that they are well informed and we are able to provide the services required to deliver the hardwood floor that is perfect for historical sites, court houses, churches, banks, corporate headquarters, or simply – your home.